Brusi Catering has its origins in 1989 when two families of renowned prestige in the restaurant and catering business merged together. The knowledge and experience of  Tin Agut (the widow of Néstor Luján and daughter of the creators of the historic restaurant Agut d’Avinyó), were complemented by the dynamism and strength of the Soldevila family.

Along these 25 years, Brusi Catering has become one of the companies in the catering business with a stronger experience.

At Brusi Catering everything is cooked on our own premises. We only work with de finest quality raw materials. Each event is considered to be unique, because we know what it means to our customer. For this reason, we guarantee maximum dedication so that each event is sure to be a success.

Thanks to our high level of professionalism, each day there are more and more people and companies who require and trust our services.