Cocktail proposal


Appetizer 1 6,48 €
  • Slices of cured ham
  • Manchego cheese with Tête de Moine rosettes
  • Tomato bread (Catalan-style)
  • Mini cocktail croquettes
  • Spanish potato omelette little cubes
Appetizer 2 11,90 €
  • Mini toastlet of caramelised duck foie with apple
  • Marinated salmon with sour cream canapé
  • Crab and baby shrimp tartlet
  • Mushroom quiche
  • Green asparagus broquette with romesco sauce
Appetizer 3 13,93 €
  • Dill-marinated salmon dices
  • Mini wholemeal vegetable with tuna baguette
  • Selection of charcuterie and cheeses
  • Tomato bread (Catalan-style)
  • Mini pork loin in old mustard bread
  • Assortment of omelettes
  • Chicken fingers with tartare sauce
  • Focaccia of charcoal-grilled red peppers with anchovie
Appetizer 4 19,99 €
  • Roast-beef roll with yolk threads
  • Assortment of sushi (artisan)
  • Tartlet of tuna mousse with L’Escala anchovy
  • Melon and Iberian cured ham mini broquette
  • Mini veal burger bun
  • Cod and tender garlics omelette mini baguette
  • Artichokes hearts in breadcrumbs with romesco sauce
  • Citrus marinated chicken lollipop
Lunch cocktail 21,78 €
  • Slices of Iberian cured ham
  • Assortment of national and imported cheeses
  • Tomato bread (Catalan-style)
  • “Chistorra” and fried quail egg canapé
  • Spinach quiche
  • Salmon with sour cream mini broquette
  • Mini toastlet with anchovy from “L’Escala” and tomato cherry
  • Mini vegetable spring rolls and sour sauce
  • Country sausage with wild mushrooms
  • Fried squid Andalusian-style
  • Seasonal fruits mini brochette
Grand cocktail 31,83 €
  • Zucchini and pumpkin shot
  • Galician-style octopus with paprika mini broquette
  • Mini beef stew with “moixernons” bread
  • Salmon tartar tartlet
  • Smoked cod and chive mini toastlet
  • Roast-beef roll with foie and mango
  • Mushrooms with goat cheese gratin canapé
  • Baby broad beans with steamed prawns little plate
  • Mousse of potato with truffle oil and egg of quail poché teaspoon
  • Monkfish and artichokes hearts in batter mini brochette
  • Grilled vegetables with home-made romesco sauce broquette
  • Chicken and vegetables wok mini bowl
  • Cheese mousse with berries cup
  • Catalan-style confectionery and puff pastries

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